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The following are excerpts from recent messages that we have received from some of our customers:

"WGM and WGS are excellent products. If only all Software worked straight out of the box and was as reliable! It does exactly what it says on the tin."

Michael Corr, Infinite Technology
Dublin, Ireland

"I am thoroughly impressed with WorkgroupShare and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who needs to share Outlook data across a number of workstations. To my delight WorkgroupShare works as described, does not cause any instability and does not corrupt Outlook data (three major concerns I had prior to using it). However, while I am impressed with the application itself, I am absolutely amazed by your customer and technical support. There is no room for improvement, it is the best I have ever encountered. You are not only role models for the IT world but role models for all companies. Kudos to you and keep up the good work!"

Roy Nwaisser, President,
Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Thank you for the quick response. Good support and a good product. Other companies could learn a lot from your organization."

Terry Huber
Minnesota, USA

"Just wanted to say that Workgroupshare is one killer application. From download to fully operational in under 15 minutes! MS Exchange Server would take longer than that to install! Excellent product, excellent price.....this is one application that my clients are going to love!"

Darren Karp, Alpha Omega Systems Ltd

"I wanted to write and thank you for producing such a good product. We have been using the WorkgroupShare program with our Outlook program for several months now and it works seamlessly. Quick, accurate and in the background updates. Please know that I tell everyone I know, in business, about this program. Thanks again."

Richard A. Mancini, Ann McBride Real Estate, Inc.
Gales Ferry, CT, USA

"Thank you for all your assistance in this matter. Your customer service has been excellent, and I really appreciate it."

Jorge H. Ramos

"WorkgroupShare is the perfect solution for our simple need to share a single Microsoft Outlook calendar among 4-5 workstations. Microsoft Exchange Server was never an option for us but, believe me, having everyone manually sync to a (free of cost) Yahoo! Calendar just plain wasn't working! Discovering WorkgroupShare was a major breakthrough for us -- simple to set up, easy to use, and very economical. You've filled a major gap that Microsoft obviously doesn't care about. Thanks for putting out a great product at a great price!"

Jeffrey Pector, Grassroots PLAN Resources
Oakland, CA, USA

"I am writing just to tell you this is an excellent product. I can't begin to explain how pleased I am with its performance and its pricing. Good work!"

John A. Goodridge, Esq., Attorney-at-Law
Evansville, Indiana, USA

"I don't think I have ever spoken with a more responsive tech support.

Thank you very much for your assistance this morning . . . I must say that we have tested a number of calendar sharing programs and this is by far the best solution."

Bill Turner
Detroit, USA

"We are completing our 30-day trial and are thrilled with your software! We had looked everywhere for the capability to share calendars without a giant cash outlay for Exchange server. Thank you for making our lives easier!"

Jenney Cowin
Rex Ratcliffe, Richmond, IN, USA

"I just wanted to say how impressed we are with Workgroup Share. It is reasonably priced, easy to install and above all stable. Outlook is a good product that has been held back for so long now by it's single user inter-operability. Workgroup Share is simple, works and gives Outlook the multi-user capability and which that most businesses need. Keep up the good work."

James Taylor
Aerosail, Australia

"For over six years, our company has utilized a Linux Mail Server for all our email needs. The upside is that we saved money on licensing and virus attacks. The downside is that we did not have the functionality of a high-end Exchange Server. We searched everywhere for a product that allowed us to share a global address list, calendar and project control task list. We found no product professional and reliable enough to do the job, until we found Workgroup Share. With an agency of over 400 employees, your product made installing and sharing important information a breeze. Not only did it work smoothly with our Linux Mail Server, but integrated seamlessly with Outlook. Thank you for taking a huge burden of work off our already busy schedules. Great companies produce great programs and your company is the greatest!"

Mark Montgomery
IT Manager, Sacramento Children's Home, CA, USA.

"Felt I had to email you directly to congratulate you and the development team on WorkgroupShare. Our initial impression is that this is a real killer application - It's what our clients, mainly small businesses with peer-to-peer networks, have been screaming for but have been unable to justify the cost of buying exchange server and all that entails. Well done!"

John Feeney-Howells
Atec Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom